Artist Bio

      Tahoe based artist Rory Canfield, has been creating in the field of fine art and sculpture for the last 20 years. He is the creator of several public murals and community artworks in California. Rory's work spans from being the founder of Tonic Arts and the Creative Release Process, to commissioned art works, community based beautification projects, leading children's art camps, as well as teaching art in private sessions.
       His works range in content and contrast over the years, but often with visual similarities among them. Most displaying bold and bright colors, textures, intricate line work and patterns interlaced with sacred geometry, flowing lines, unique shapes and over all sense of movement. Each piece offering the viewer a feeling of searching into the sub conscious of the individual and the collective of our human experience.
      Rory's drive and inspiration comes from his innate need to express himself through his life experience and self exploration. From this, stems his endless fascination with tapping into his creative process and allowing emotions and inspiration to guide him towards creating what has not yet been created. He wishes to inspire others through his works and creative process to tap into their own creative outlets and expressions for a more thriving, creative future.
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