Limited Edition Canvas Prints
Which "Style" canvas should you choose? Here are some extra details to help you make your decision
Gallery Wrap: A "gallery Wrapped" canvas usually has a thicker frame and sits off the wall around 1.75" and the image is "mirrored" on all four sides. This gives the art some presence on the wall as it has more "visual weight". These canvasses can be framed at professional framers no problem. This is a good option if you want to hang art that looks great on the wall right away without ever framing it and leaves the option to frame to frame in the future.
Studio Stretch: A "Studio Stretch" Refers to a thinner framed canvas stretch with no color on the sides. Most commonly used for art reproductions that will be framed right away. ** My Studio Stretched limited editions DO have color on the sides with a 1" "mirror". If you know you are going to frame it and you want a "thinner" or "Sleeker" final look then this is the option for you. I have created these to be hung right away if you need time to decide on framing.
Canvas Only: I offer this option to reduce shipping cost for those who like to stretch or mount there own canvas, or prefer using their local framer. This option is shipped in a tube.
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