"Spirit Bird"
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"Spirit Bird"

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"Spirit Bird" by Rory Canfield


Ive always loved Hawks and Eagles. They have always called to me from above. My subconscious at this point is always on the look out to have a moment with one of these incredible birds. This particular morning I decided to embrace the hawk energy with a nest like mandala, focused piercing eyes but filled with sight and a strong knowing of its role. There is a fierceness and grace about the hawks that I admire, an incredibly committed creature vowed by design to protect the nest and to take up the space it needs and desires to live in the area it chooses. I had a lot of fun honoring the hawk in this work. I hope you enjoy it too.

Size: 18" x 24"

Medium: Acrylic paint on Canvas

Framing: unframed, Gallery framing available

Insured Us Shipping Available

Local Installs Available

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